The Next Forever

by Daniel Pozo

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released May 1, 2011



all rights reserved


Daniel Pozo Vancouver, British Columbia

Animator by day, Musician by Night

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Track Name: Masquerade (feat. Althea Aseoche)
Fairytale pantomime
master of comedy, drama and rhyme.
We're all jesters with black and red masks
and diamond patterns on corsets and slacks.
So far away.
We stand nose to nose, toe to toe
but we don't change.
We still masquerade.

Twirling 'round in spirals
like the locks of your hair
my perceptions mishapen.
Figures that we need to hide
the truth we're just mixtures
of layers of wrong and right.
I don't recognise
this narcissistic smile;
she's me but she's a stranger.
Suspend our beliefs
let it slip, let it slide underneath–
we stride the sea of lies.

In this waltz we call love,
where's the sweet harmony the others speak of?
When we first dance we're all clumsy fools;
we laugh at our miss-steps and ignore all the rules.
Then someone falls from grace.
We shrug nonchalant and walk away,
hope memories fade
and we masquerade.

Twirling 'round in spirals
like the locks of your hair;
my perceptions...
– been mistaken.
Figures that you'd want to hide
the truth you're a mixture
of layers of wrong and right.
Just wanna be numb
don't wanna succumb
to this vertigo sensation.
Suspend our beliefs
Let it sink, let it burrow beneath,
let it deeper than skin deep.

Where no one can take you.
I'm sordid
and lovely on the surface only

Mary goes round the merry-go-round
living life outside–
stare down the loaded pistol roulette
swallow it whole, a typicallette.

This fairytale,
this Pantomime–
we're masters of comedy, drama and rhyme.

And after all we're only creatures.
How much of it was smoke and mirrors?

And we masquerade.